The GMS Business Council
Messages of the Chairman
The GMS Business Council (GMS-BC) is a unique private sector regional forum that serves to promote and facilitate trade and investment in the countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-region, namely Cambodia, P.R China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam.
In fact, it has been established in the year 2000 with an aim to develop private sector participation in the development of GMS Economic Corridors in support of Regional Economic Cooperation Program for the full realization of a sustainable, integrated, and prosperous sub-region toward a GMS community with a brighter shared future.
In doing so, the GMS-BC has set up the private sector working groups to promote the development of trade and investment along the GMS economic corridors as follows: -
(1) To facilitate cross-border trade and transport (GMS-FRETA),
(2) To improve the business environment and access to finance (SMEs),
(3) To enhance the participation in the infrastructure development projects (RIF) and,
(4) To address pre and post disaster preparedness and mitigation for GMS enterprises.
It is, however, the current guiding principles of the GMS-BC - - the 2nd GMS Strategic Framework 2012-2022, the Hanoi Action Plan 2018-2022, and the GMS Regional Investment Framework 2022 - - are coming to the conclusion and there is a need to set new directions and plans along with the newly adopted new GMS Economic Cooperation Programme Strategic Framework 2030, or GMS - 2030 by the 7th GMS Summit held in September 2021 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
The 7th GMS Summit also endorsed the new GMS COVID -19 Response and Recovery Plan 2021-2023 by focusing regional collaborative efforts in the short to medium-term to contain the pandemic and promote economic recovery. The Plan contains approaches to addressing human and animal health, healthy crops and food, healthy cities, affordable, equitable and safe COVID-19 vaccine availability in the region.
In realizing the priorities of the GMS-2030 which has set to address and take advantage of the “Connectivity” “Competitiveness” and “Community Pillars” will ensure the GMS program more relevant and effective in this decade. The better connectivity is advancing regional integration and promoting trade, investment and other economic activities. The Improvement of Competitiveness will enhance food safety, food security, tourism, SEZs and economic corridors. The Community is creating strong sense of unity to address common concerns and challenges such as combating climate change, natural disaster, and communicable disease including COVID-19 pandemic.
The GMS-BC is committed to work closely with relevant governments and private sector organizations for the benefit of the people and businesses in GMS member’s countries through strengthening cooperation, developing private sector, sharing information, networking, dialogues, and mutual understanding. In this respect, membership to our business council is opened to businesses of all sectors, international or national, operating in any GMS countries. 
Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!